Wednesday, 30 March 2011

searching for a place..

I'm still searching for a place for making ceramics in Rome.
last week I have visited Elettra Cippriani's studio "L'albero di terracotta" is a very cosy place and I would love to go there, but it is very far from where I live..but for who would like to participate courses there, here is the link..
I have found another studio relatively closer.. I got in contact with them and Evandro Gabrieli, one of the owners of the studio "Keramos", invited me to their exhibition last sunday.
It is located in a beautiful building in Testaccio. One part of the studio is organized as a showroom where the works of Evandro Gabrielli and Rosana Antonelli can be seen.. the other part is used as a workshop where they are holding the courses. We have briefly talked and I decided to join the "corso di cuerda seca"..

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