Friday, 28 May 2010

work in progress - thrown & altered #1

I'm a bit tired of same techniques and similar surface finishes..I should try something new..
In the last few weeks, I have read some articles and watched videos on ceramics art daily website.. from Robin Hopper, Lana Wilson , Mitch Lions , etc.

Here is my test piece to try what I have learnt.. "extended and altered form" with some "decorating techniques".. it is not the end of the story, I will also try oxides and slips on it..but a promising start: different spout, textured surface, oval shape.. but yes, it is another bottle!

Friday, 14 May 2010


I could never be a person who could choose one path to follow... and always interested in many things at the same time. I used to admire people who specialize on one subject and be an expert on it. But now I think differently.. this enriches my life...

It is same about my ceramic works.. I cannot choose one technique, one surface design, one colour.. It changes constantly... I usually use slab building technique while constructing my sculptures. However, I love throwing, although I can hardly say that I am good at it... I still struggle.. But strange thing is whenever I sit in front of a throwing wheel with a lump of clay without any idea what I am going to make, it ends up as a bottle!

Monday, 10 May 2010

spring cleaning

To make a proper start, I cleaned up my studio last weekend.. I am exhausted but so proud of myself.. it took whole weekend to do it.. without looking for shortcuts, I cleaned every single corner (actually there is only 4 corner, it is pretty small ! ), throw away all unnecessary things I collected in years in case I will need one day.. which never happened. Even I got rid of some of my old pieces that I do not want to see anymore..
My studio is my dad’s former storage where he used to keep all his gardening tools, pots, barbeque, etc... it is located in the garden of my parents’ summer house.. almost 10 years ago, I transformed it into a studio and I am working in it since then..
Here is my little studio... all cleaned & refreshed... and ready to work..

Sunday, 2 May 2010

raku in Degirmendere

we were in Degirmendere for a Raku workshop yesterday... the school was ready for the day with all the students...
weather was amazing, people were great...
after a long break, it was such a beautiful day full of ceramics....
we were even in the news in "Degirmendere Haber" the local newspaper.. Images in this post have been taken from this site...