Wednesday, 27 April 2011

cuerda seca, prints on porcelain, raku...

The fact that I'm not good at keeping this blog up-to-date lately doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything about ceramics.. on the contrary, last couple of weeks I worked a lot..
I am still struggling to learn more about surface design, hoping to find a way that I will like and will be good at...
I have learnt the tecnique "cuerda seca"..
it is a technique based on applying different glazes upon oxide covered piece and quite simple.. but obviously I am not very good at it! Maybe that's why last week Evandro told me that I can do something else instead of making tiles with this technique! I started to throw again.. and I am so happy..
As you may remember that I adore porcelain.. 10 days ago I have joined "prints on porcelain" workshop of Annalisa Guerri in l'albero di terracotta.. I loved it.. she demostrated a couple of ways to print on clay and it was very interesting.. I can't wait to try them in my studio.. Annalisa works with porcelain and paper clay... I find her pieces very exquisite.. you may see them here
and finaly, last weekend we have done raku firing.. we have tried Evandro's new raku kiln and I can say that it worked perfectly!