Monday, 21 March 2011

ceramics exhibition: Elettra Cipriani, Contaminazioni di terra e fuoco

I am still in Rome and it seems that I will stay here for a couple of months more.. I think that I made a pause long enough and it is time to go back to making ceramics..
I made a quick search to find a studio that I could work while I am here and I got in contact with Elettra Cipriani. She has kindly invited me to her exhibition last week.. Here are some pictures from the exhibition, Contaminazioni di terra e fuoco..

...for who would like to know more about this exhibition or who would consider to visit, here is the link for details..
...and these are the ones that will come home with me..

By the way, have you ever met a blogger that you follow? I did!..
I met with Abacada in the exhibition by chance.. what a nice surprise it was!

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