Monday, 19 July 2010

porcelain, at last

I always wanted to work with porcelain.. but I could never dare.. because it is always said that this clay is very difficult to work with, very capricious.. especially when it comes to throwing.. but its pure colour, fine and translucent nature make this material impossible to resist. I admire porcelain pieces which look very fragile, but in fact very strong.
..and last weekend my father brought a piece of porcelain clay from his friend's workshop for me to try..
I have thrown this one ... Here is #27, my little plain porcelain bottle.
it has a buttery texture, a pleasure to touch and definitely a pleasure to throw.. has a deep, warm colour.. candy for the eye.. even only for these reasons, surely it worths to give it a try..
I still have almost 4 kilos left and can keep trying a bit more.. so happy!

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