Monday, 9 August 2010

too hot to work

We waited for the summer so long.. and it arrived.. what an arrival!!! for the last few weeks, we are dealing with extremely hot weather here in Istanbul.. unbearable.. it is impossible to do anything.. Every single move should be avoided unless it is utmost necessary! that's why I have dedicated my last weekends not on working clay but leisure.. near to the pool!!!
But yesterday I decided to go back to work even though the temperature was 37°C with 90% humidity.. I summoned up my courage and entered my studio! I kept working with porcelain or I should say I tried to.. I only threw 3 parts of one bottle in whole Sunday.. I threw one part - got out of the studio urgently - looked for somewhere less suffocating - drank something cold as much as possible - rested a bit- went back to studio.. within this cycle, I managed to throw the parts but not to combine them and complete the whole piece..
if I could gain my strength again, I will be back to studio, high possibly on Thursday evening and complete what I started...
so, be continued.

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