Monday, 12 July 2010

sketchbook: Castel Sant'Angelo

"...Through my work which is inspired by architecture, I want to grab viewer’s attention with familiarity; to make them contemplate and be surprised by new perspectives on each move and change of light with details. My sculptural forms are also influenced by past even though they refer to future.
...I want them to be intellectually stimulating, to reflect complexity not the chaos, not to be “read” easily. My aim is to create forms which are strong and dynamic but quiet and tranquil; detailed and complex but has its own rhythm and order. .."

This is a part of my artist statement... when I see Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, I thought "this is exactly what I mean". With its pure form, dramatic details and textures created in years, it is most dignified, strong and intriguing building I have ever seen..

I hope one day, I can achieve to make one piece, either as ceramist or an architect, close in complexity, dignity and excellence to this amazing building..

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