Tuesday, 22 June 2010

keep on working

It is not easy being a weekend ceramist.. there is always a lot to do in two days.. Last weekend, I had a long list: Do some shopping, tidy up the house, meet with friends, do some more shopping for father's day, visit family and keep working on bottles project!
Besides, the weather was incredibly hot and my studio was like "hamam"..
Nevertheless, even under these hard conditions, I worked till 10:30 pm on sunday night and finished these 6 bottles!!
Their spouts are thrown and bodies are slab built.. slabs have been textured first, then the bottles are constructed with these heavily textured slabs when they were pretty wet...


  1. Elif,very nice works. You must try some stoup to use in your "hamam" :)

  2. thanks a lot Cubur! after a week of rain, not sure if I will need it though! hope the summer will be back and promise I will not complain anymore :)