Monday, 14 June 2010

100 bottles project

this time, I have thrown different spouts and bodies without measuring or even thinking about how they will look like when finished...
then, like a puzzle, I brought them together and made these ones..
they are smaller than the first two bottles.. around 15-20 cm height.. and right after I finished them, I realized that they look gorgeous when they are all together.. so, wouldn't be great if they were, for instance, 100 in total? ..each one is different than the other in some way?
I am still not certain if I could make it (since I am only potter/ceramic artist on weekends and it could take ages) or if it is a good idea (could be not as interesting as it sounds), but I will give it a try..
From now on, this is "100 bottles project".. if I could cope with..

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