Friday, 17 June 2011


I have just returned from a trip to Germany.. 2 days in Berlin, 5 days in Hamburg, then again 2 days in Berlin and back to Rome..
Before this trip, even though I read a lot about Berlin, I was expecting to see a typical German city.. But it is not, Berlin is an impressive, old, yet new city..

...then Hamburg.. Hamburg is a modern city and obviously rich! now there are two projects in progress in the urban scale.. one of them is Hafen City; the other is IBA.. they are very different from each other but mainly urban transformation projects... I would love to go back there a couple of years later to see how these projects integrated to the city..

In Berlin, I have also visited Berlin ceramics museum.. I was hoping to see a larger collection to have an idea about German ceramics but it is a tiny museum with a very small collection..

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